Albergo Stella d'Oro



2.0 /3



via XX settembre, 58 33097 Spilimbergo Pordenone

The hotel has a private outdoor area with an even surface that can be used by people with disability to park their vehicles. The itinerary to the hotel entrance from the car park is wide and with a smooth surface. Entrance to the building can be made from both entrances (main and secondary), without any differences in level or irregularities. The shared areas (reception, bar and breakfast room) can be used by all guests and are connected by obstacle-free itineraries. The building is built on several levels connected by a lift (the door is 53 centimetres in width, and the cabin is 114x95 centimetres). The accessible room on the first floor has a sanitary facility but does not allow side access to the toilet bowl. There is a fixed grab bar and the frontal approach to the washbasin is guaranteed. The shower is level to the ground, with a folding cubicle and a free entry clearance of 50 centimetres (the use of the shower is also hindered by the upright of the two opening doors with a height of 11 centimetres).


  • Accommodation facilities