Belvedere Pineta camping village - Villino Miramare



1.9 /3



Belvedere 33051 Grado Gorizia

The accommodation facility offers two mini-villas with similar characteristics. The unit has a parking space next to the living unit. Access to the living unit is by means of a ramp with a length of 2 metres and a 15% gradient that connects the outside terrace to the surrounding lawn area (where parking is possible). The entrance door is 82 centimetres in width and leads to the living area. The living area is equipped with a table, chairs and a sofa and guarantees minimum space for manoeuvring. The kitchenette, which is relatively small and in a separate room from the living area, cannot be used by wheelchair users. The double bedroom is equipped with a wardrobe. There is also a room with two single beds. The sanitary facilities partially allow a lateral approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed, folding handle) and a frontal approach to the washbasin. The shower, which is flush to the ground and can be closed with a curtain, has a free entry clearance of 105 centimetres. The outdoor area adjacent to the entrance door to the room is equipped with outdoor furniture and paved with tiles. Please refer to the other datasheets for a description of the facility's public shared services.


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