Sunshine housing unit Camping Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro


2.4 /3



Via Sabbiadoro, 8 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro Udine



The Sunshine 6 housing unit is equipped with a private parking area, a living area including an outdoor (covered) area, a sleeping area and sanitary facilities. Air conditioning is installed. Clients can park their vehicles in an area adjacent to the housing unit which has a grass surface. The entrance to the building is by means of a ramp measuring 6.50 metres in length with a slope of approximately 8%. The entrance door is 85 centimetres wide. The living area includes the kitchen and living room (the kitchen is not wheelchair-accessible). There are two separate bedrooms: one double (with limited dimensions that do not allow easy turning) and one with two bunk beds. The room also includes an exclusive sanitary facility where minimum manoeuvring space is not guaranteed. The accessible sanitary facility allows a lateral approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed grab bar positioned on the wall next to the bowl) and a frontal approach to the washbasin; the shower, with a raised plate and curtain, has an entrance clearance of 110 centimetres. Considering the capacity of the two bedrooms and the presence of the sofa bed, the accommodation capacity is a maximum of six guests. Please refer to the other campsite information sheets for a description of the shared services of the building.


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