Reception and common areas Villaggio Turistico Europa



2.7 /3



Via Monfalcone, 12 34073 Grado Gorizia



The village offers various shared facilities including a supermarket, restaurant, beach bistro with dance floor, swimming pool, games room, amphitheatre for shows, playground area and children's play area. The swimming pool has an entrance that is accessible to people with mobility disabilities by means of a ramp measuring 7 metres in length and a 9% gradient. The pool is in-ground and is equipped with a fixed lift at various depths. The outdoor pool area has small slopes connected by ramps. There is also an outdoor ice cream parlour next to the pool. The pool sanitary facilities allow for a side approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed handle) and a front approach to the washbasin. The shower is flush, without closures and with an entrance clearance of 90 centimetres. The playroom is accessible using a ramp with a length of 10 metres and a gradient of 11%. The entrance door measures 120 centimetres. Next to the playroom and the amphitheatre for open-air performances, there are sanitary facilities both equipped with an anteroom, with a lateral approach to the toilet bowl and grab bars and a frontal approach to the washbasin. The amphitheatre for outdoor performances is paved with concrete, the stage is raised and there are four spaces for people with disability in front of the stage. Near the beach bistro, there is also a large paved coplanar area for dancing. The children's play area is equipped; the surface is grass and rubber. The playgrounds include a basketball court, a five-a-side football pitch and a tennis court. The connecting paths between the different playing fields are coplanar and made of concrete blocks.


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