Reception and common services NORTH - Camping Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro


2.7 /3



Via Sabbiadoro, 8 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro Udine

The campsite offers various types of accommodation (FPlus, Sunshine) and various shared facilities including a supermarket, an automatic teller machine and a self-service restaurant. In terms of conformation, it is divided into the North and South zones. In the North zone, check-in operations are carried out by interacting with the staff at an external counter. In addition to the supermarket, an automatic teller machine and a self-service restaurant, the North Zone also includes the FPlus and Sunshine units. There is also a large pool area with several pools, one of which is equipped with a lift for people with mobility disabilities. The flooring is tiled, and regular. There is also an outdoor fitness area with sanitary facilities, and an outdoor play area, on a packed earth surface, for children and youths with slides, a castle and table tennis tables. The sanitary facilities in the swimming pool - fitness area allow a side approach to the toilet (with a grab bar) of 95 centimetres; there is neither a washbasin nor a shower.


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