Reception and common services Belvedere Pineta camping village



2.5 /3



Località Belvedere 33051 Grado Gorizia

Belvedere Pineta Camping Village offers a swimming pool, sports fields, playground and entertainment area as facilities. In addition, there is a restaurant and a supermarket. The large children's play area is on a lawn in front of the reception building. The sports fields, for tennis and five-a-side football, are accessible via partially paved paths. There is also a large lawn with goalposts and a miniature golf area with a grass surface. The pool area consists of two swimming pools, is coplanar and paved with porphyry cubes. There are no water entry aids. The pool can be reached by shared paved paths and a washed gravel ramp with a length of 20 metres and a gradient of 5%. At the end of the ramp, there are two steps measuring 10 centimetres, which can be overcome laterally by means of a sloping area with a natural gravel base. The open-air performance area has a stage which is elevated from the ground by 50 centimetres and a paved, coplanar area in front, which can be equipped with chairs. The beach is difficult to access for people with motor disabilities because it is accessible through a ramp of 8 metres and a 6° gradient, a wooden bridge of 22 metres and a 6° gradient, and a subsequent downhill section of 20 metres and 50 metres with a 5° gradient, without horizontal platforms.


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