Maxicaravan Family Plus Villaggio residence Punta Spin



2.3 /3



Via Monfalcone, 10 34073 Grado Gorizia

The accessible accommodation unit is the Maxicaravan Family Plus unit. It is equipped with a private parking space, adjacent to the unit, in beaten earth. The entrance to the living unit, with a sliding door of 85 centimetres, is reached by crossing a ramp which is 7 metres in length and that features a 12% gradient. The living unit consists of a living area, with no difference in level and it is equipped with a kitchen and living room, a double room, a toilet and a terrace. The kitchen is not wheelchair-accessible, but minimum manoeuvring space is guaranteed. The outdoor/terrace area is covered, with wooden flooring and equipped with garden furniture. The room is double, with more free space to the left, and equipped with a wardrobe. The toilet allows a lateral approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed, folding handle) and a frontal approach to the washbasin. The shower, which is flush-fitted and closed with a curtain, has an entrance clearance of 120 centimetres. All the rooms are air-conditioned. Please refer to the other datasheets for a description of the facility's shared service facilities.


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