Hotel Mirabel



2.5 /3



Via Giuseppe Verdi, 16 34073 Grado Gorizia



The hotel features private garage parking spaces, that clients can use to park their vehicles, with a smooth concrete floor, connected to the main building floor by a lift (door 80 centimetres wide, cabin 110x140 centimetres). The building has two independent entrances: the main one, which is not accessible as it is characterised by the presence of a staircase, and the secondary entrance, which is accessible, with direct access from the pedestrian street connected to the floors of the building by a closed elevator platform (door 75 centimetres wide, cabin 125x180 centimetres) that can be activated with a key directly from the pedestrian area. Disembarkation takes place at the reception area. The reception area is accessible and obstacle-free. The wellness areas (gym and spa) are accessible to all guests and connected via obstacle-free itineraries. The building features a suite called Barbana, located on the second floor, consisting of a living area (kitchen and living room), a double room, a large balcony and a sanitary facility. The living area, accessible and equipped with a sofa, table and chairs, is connected via a sliding glass door to a large accessible balcony furnished with tables and chairs (the balcony is also connected to the bedroom). The sanitary facility allows a side approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed vertical grab bar) and a front approach to the washbasin. The shower, which is level to the floor and does not feature any doors, has an entrance clearance of 165 centimetres. In terms of facilities, the premises are equipped with air conditioning and heating, automatic darkening and soundproofing.


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