Hotel Italia



2.5 /3



via della Geppa, 15 34132 Trieste Trieste

Near the hotel entrance, there is a public parking space reserved for people with disability. The entrance to the building is accessible and is via a short, 70 centimetres sloping ramp; to reach the reception, there is a 7-metre-long inclined ramp with a slope of 8%. The shared areas (breakfast room, café and children’s play area) can be used by all guests and are connected by obstacle-free itineraries. The building is developed on several levels connected by a lift (the door is 73 centimetres in width, and the cabin is 85x115 centimetres). The hotel provides six accessible rooms, all of which are very spacious and equipped with sanitary facilities that allow a frontal approach to the washbasin and use of the shower, which is level to the ground and open on one side; in some rooms, there are spaces for a frontal and lateral approach to the toilet bowl, in others only for a frontal approach. The toilet bowl is always flanked by a grab bar and in some rooms equipped with a washlet. The hotel has courtesy aids available for clients upon request (wheelchair, walker, crutches, comfortable chairs).


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