Hotel Fonzari



2.6 /3



Piazza Biagio Marin, / 34073 Grado Gorizia

The hotel has a garage on the first and second floors, with parking spaces reserved for people with disability, connected to the hotel entrance using a lift. The entrance to the building is accessible from the external pedestrian area without any height difference. The building is developed on several levels connected by two lifts (door 80 centimetres wide, cabin 110x120 centimetres). The bar and breakfast room are located on the ground floor, which is connected to the entrance via obstacle-free itineraries; the restaurant is on the seventh floor. The two accessible rooms are large and have a spacious living room and are equipped with sanitary facilities that only allow a frontal approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed grab bar positioned on the wall next to the bowl), a frontal approach to the washbasin, and use of the shower, which is level to the floor and has a box that can be opened almost completely. There is a meeting room on the ground floor, connected to the entrance via itineraries without obstacles, and a swimming pool on the terrace on the seventh floor, which is elevated and can only be reached by climbing three steps.


  • Accommodation facilities