Belvedere Pineta camping village - Appartamento n.2 Gelso



1.9 /3



Belvedere 33051 Grado Gorizia

It is possible to park the car near the apartment on packed earth. To reach the entrance, however, it is necessary to overcome a 5-cm step. The entrance door is a single 83-cm leaf. The apartment includes living and sleeping areas. The kitchen, included in the living area, is not accessible to wheelchair users. However, the living area guarantees the minimum spaces for maneuvering. The apartment has two bedrooms: one double and one with two single beds (not surveyed). The sanitary facility allows a lateral approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed and folding handle). The shower, which is flush-fitted and closes with a curtain, has a free entry width of 120 centimetres. The outdoor area is covered and adjacent to the living area. It is equipped with furniture for outdoor use, and to access it it is necessary to overcome a step of 6 cm given by the presence of the window frame and 2 cm due to the presence of the threshold that is not coplanar with the flooring of the outdoor area. The housing unit is equipped with air conditioning. Please refer to the other information sheets for a description of the shared services of the building


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