Lokanda Devetak 1870



2.5 /3



Brežiči, 22 33070 Savogna Udine

The building has a private outdoor parking area in front of the entrance with a deep, coarse gravel surface. The main entrance to the building has a step of 10 centimetres while the side entrance, a few metres away, is accessed by means of a ramp 50 centimetres in length and with a slope of approximately 15%. The shared areas (breakfast room, restaurant) are accessible to all guests and are connected by obstacle-free itineraries. The rooms are located in another building, behind the entrance/restaurant/breakfast room, which are reached via an inner courtyard by crossing a ramp that is 4 metres in length and has a slope of approximately 14%. The two accessible rooms have a small wooden landing raised above the surrounding pavement, connected to it by a short sloping ramp; the rooms are large and equipped with sanitary facilities that allow a front and a side approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed grab bar positioned on the wall next to the bowl), a front approach to the washbasin and use of the shower, which is level to the floor and has a box that can be opened completely.


  • Accommodation facilities