Hotel San Rocco



2.4 /3



Strada per Lazzaretto, 2 34015 Muggia Trieste

The hotel has an outdoor parking space reserved for people with disability and a garage, both of which are connected to the hotel's entrance via obstacle-free paths and steps. The shared areas (the breakfast room, and the café) are accessible to all guests and are connected by obstacle-free paths. The facility is on several levels connected by a lift (the door is 90 centimetres in width and the cabin is 110x140 centimetres). The four accessible rooms are spacious and equipped with toilets that allow lateral and frontal approaches to the toilet bowl (with a folding handle positioned on the free side next to the bowl), a frontal approach to the washbasin and use of the shower, which is flush to the floor. The restaurant and the swimming pool, which is underground and does not have a lift or other means of facilitating entry into the water for people with mobility disabilities, are located in another structure a few dozen metres from the hotel; the connecting path is pedestrian and paved with self-locking concrete blocks, with some differences in level overcome by means of ramps with an approximately 8% gradient. Upon request, the hotel can provide a transport/shuttle service that is also suitable for wheelchair users.


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