Grand Hotel Astoria



2.8 /3



Largo San Grisogono, 3 34073 Grado Gorizia

The hotel has an underground garage connected to the hotel entrance using an inclined ramp that is 6 metres in length and has a slope of approximately 14% (the hotel staff is available to park the vehicle). The entrance to the building is accessible from the external pedestrian area, with a threshold of 2 centimetres in front of the door. The building is developed on several levels connected by three lifts (door 80 centimetres wide, cabin 110x140 centimetres). The café is located on the ground floor, connected to the entrance via obstacle-free itineraries; the breakfast room is on the mezzanine floor (access using a ramp that is 10 metres long and has a slope of approximately 10%), and the restaurant on the seventh floor. The two accessible rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities that allow a lateral approach to the toilet bowl (with a fixed grab bar positioned next to the bowl), a frontal approach to the washbasin and the use of a shower, which is level to the ground and is equipped with a curtain. There is an in-ground pool on the first floor, accessible using a staircase equipped with a platform stair lift, with a chair to facilitate access to the water for people with disability, and a pool on the terrace on the seventh floor, accessible only by climbing a few steps. On the first floor, there is a wellness, beauty and rehabilitation centre, accessible to people with mobility disabilities and equipped with accessible sanitary facilities, including a shower. The conference rooms on the first floor are accessible. The hotel has courtesy equipment available for clients upon request (two wheelchairs, a mobile lift in the rehabilitation centre, and a JOB chair).


  • Accommodation facilities